The Lyrics:

Aquaman, Aquaman!
Does whatever a fish can.
Swims away, any time,
Catches thieves, just like plankton.
Look out! Here comes the Aquaman!

Is he strong?
Listen Phil. He's got gills
Can he swim underwater?
Take a look underwater.
Hey there!
There goes Aquaman!

In the water of the ocean,
at the call of a dolphin,
like an eample of motion.
He doesn't have a fin.

Aquaman, aquaman!
Friendly neighborhood Aquaman.
Scales and fame he's ignored
Kelp is his beard.

To him life is a great big bathtub!
Wherever there's a bathtub
you'll find the Aquaman!


THE AQUAMAN THEME SONG was born after Colby and Ian Day walked past a comic store and, once again, made fun of Aquaman's lameness.

They quickly rewrote the Spiderman Theme song, replacing everything spider with everything aquatic. Why do you care so much?